Rubicon Ventures

Pre-Build Consulting

I am here to get you started. We can conceptualize design, calculate how much square footage you can build, all-in cost, what to expect while building, etc.
I also have a full network of professionals for you to entertain based on your project goals. I have completed projects with the best architects, engineers, and designers in the area - peripheral cogs vital to initiating a suitable and fluid project.

Project Management


My clients can attest a project will never sit inactive. I take pride in a well organized strategy – coordinating trades, resources, and city officials so that my projects domino seamlessly to completion. Even one idle day is a painful waste, I avoid them by being five chapters ahead, ensuring subs and materials are ready when needed, and just straight getting it done. Having said this, there is a lot more to building than pounding nails…


Safety is paramount, and OSHA compliance always comes first. I have a perfect safety record and engage a third-party safety consultant to conduct periodic on-site inspections to ensure my faultless record stands. Keeping the jobsite safe protects the liability of you as the homeowner as well.


I emphasize this term two-fold. Value in that you are building within the capacity of the neighborhood, ensuring you are creating equity and building a marketable asset for the future.
Second, value is added by knowing how to spend properly. I am involved with the architect and engineer even before we break ground to ensure rough material costs and durations are minimized, as time-frames indeed represent tangible dollar costs.


Tim is a master electrician by trade and versatile handyman that can address all your home needs. Truly genuine and caring, he’s the friendliest guy you’ll meet. Be careful or you will quickly find yourself exchanging margarita recipes!


I have worked on behalf of and partnered with great developers. These experiences affix an advanced layer of expertise to a project. If you are looking to invest in real estate, have a rental property you wish to develop, or just thinking about getting your feet wet, we can chat about opportunities.